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Physics Department Computer Room

(80) 2.6GHz Quad core Pentium Xeon processor cluster
(6) 2.6GHz Dual core Opteron Xeon Sun head nodes
(20) 2.6GHz Pentium Xeon processor cluster
(102) 1GHz Pentium III processor cluster
(2) 750MHz Pentium III processors
(32) 266-350MHz Pentium-II processors
(6) 533-566MHz Alpha processors
Totaling over 1000 GHz

Storage (hard drives):
(4) 24TB Sun X4500 file servers hd RAID-5
(160) 250+320gb node hd = 20tb+25.6tb
(16) 200gb hd RAID-5 = 2.56tb
(4) 146gb hd RAID-1 = 292gb
(30) 80gb hd= 2.4tb
(6) 18gb hd= 90gb RAID-5
(2) 80gb hd RAID-1
(50) 10gb hd
(8) 50gb hd
(8) 23gb hd
(5) 18gb hd
(17) ~9gb hd
Totaling over 147 terabytes storage

Memory (RAM):
(80) with 8gb cluster
(21) with 1gb cluster
(27) with 512mb cluster
(24) with 1gb cluster
(7) with 512mb
(1) with 384mb
(4) with 256mb
(12) with 128mb
(5) with 48mb
Totaling over 700gb ram